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kikkle for Poynt

kikkle for Poynt is tightly integrated with Poynt and Lightning register apps, allowing a customer to be attached to the order, redeem offers and automatically issue points for purchases. It also fully supports those merchants who want to use Poynt just to accept payments. kikkle for Poynt provides multiple ways to enroll new customers or lookup existing customers, making full use of Poynt’s customer facing screen. kikkle’s back-office portal puts complete customer database at your finger tips, ranks customers nightly and keeps track of their purchases and rewards wallet. kikkle’s state-of-the-art loyalty platform provides a powerful offers engine, intuitive campaign management system and tightly integrated surveys mechanism. Many different types of included reports provide you data to track performance of your loyalty program. Plastic and digital giftcards are fully supported on kikkle for Poynt.

kikkle Online Ordering

kikkle Online Ordering is perhaps one of the most intuitive online ordering system, and the only system that provides powerful tools to increase online traffic. Your online orders are integrated with your POS. Create incentives that apply only to online orders, create powerful marketing campaigns that drive traffic towards online. Online ordering system also supports multiple cards on file, order from history with one click and pay with giftcards.

kikkle for Poynt

kikkle’s store kiosk can significantly increase your enrollment by allowing the customers to enroll in the loyalty program themselves. It can be downloaded and run on any android tablet. Customers can either use kiosk to signup or checkin while waiting for their turn. Stores using kiosk experience significantly higher enrollments because Customers can enroll themselves without talking cashier’s time and also tend to offer more complete information.



Fred & Ricky's

We started using Customer Connect because it gave us the unique ability to manage a Rewards Program across locations with a master account. It was very important to us that our customers would be able to earn and redeem rewards at any location. We also did not want to require our customers to use a mobile device, which is the case with almost every option we found. We also really liked the ability to adjust points on the backend if needed. We started off using a simple plan where we only had one reward available to our customers. We ended up using the reward catalog instead where we now have various reward options available at different point levels and our customers have enjoyed this. We can also create very specific reward for their category of items or a list of specific items, which is very flexible for our needs. In addition to signing customers up in the store, we have been able to grow the program by providing a signup link on our website or on social media. We have relied on customer support many times and have been very pleased with the response time and effort to assist us.

Amanda Dolittle
Marketing Manager

27 Mart

Customer Connect has really helped us in learning more about our customers and their interests. We have definitely seen an increase in the number of customers who come to our store mainly to join our rewards program from Customer Connect. In addition, thanks to the constant warm and friendly support from the staff at Customer Connect, we were able to integrate their direct email marketing into our customer service program to give even more value back! I don't know where would our store be without Customer Connect, thank you so much!

Bharat Bharat

Daily Juice Cafe

We selected Customer Connect Rewards, after a thorough evaluation, to unify our customer database across our 13 (and expanding) locations. We now have over 12,000 customers enrolled in Customer Connect and utilize numerous offers that Customer Connect supports. One of the features we use quite extensively is the campaign management feature to target customers who have not visited us in a while. Customer Connect Rewards has had a positive impact on our revenue by ensuring that our customers keep coming back and by providing various tools to encourage average spend per visit. In addition to providing most comprehensive set of marketing tools, Customer Connect Rewards also offers the best customer support. Their support can be reached either via email or phone. When ever we have any issues, they are very quick to resolve them. We would recommend Customer Connect Rewards without any reservations.

Cary Frieden


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